Murdered Tapiwa Makore’s Family Rejects State Assisted Funeral

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By Robert Tapfumaneyi

MUREWA: The family of murdered Tapiwa Makore have rejected a state assisted funeral to bury the remains of their departed son who died in September last year.

He is set to be buried Saturday at the Makore family home.

The family, which has been seeking closure for the last seven months following the gruesome murder of Tapiwa then aged seven years, said they will use the little resources they have to bury him rather than to have officials come with food and prepared speeches when they have unanswered questions.

Beular Musupai, the family spokesperson, said the Makore’s were seeking closure over how Tapiwa died, full police investigations, trial and conviction of the arrested, and not the state to assist them in burying Tapiwa.

“What is more painfully as a family is, we are burying the remains of Tapiwa without his head which is a first in our family and community to lay to rest a half body,” a tearful Musupai said.

“This is the 7th month since his death and our queries have not been answered by the relevant authorities, why it has taken so long to concluded investigations.

“Doors have completely been shut in our face as we seek to find answers on investigations. So as a family we have agreed that we do not need any state assisted funeral to bury the remains of our child without his head.

“What is so important about the state assisted funeral at this hour of burial. We do not need any assistance to bury his remains. We will use the little resources that we have. For seven months, where has the state been and it wants to assist us now when they cannot assist with answers on how the investigations are going.”