Mushohwe says Mapfumo oiled 1970s liberation struggle

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MUTARE: Despite Thomas Mapfumo being a fierce critic of President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF policies, indigenisation minister Chris Mushohwe has showered praises on the chimurenga music maestro for the role he played during the liberation struggle.
Mushowe was speaking during the official opening of a picture exhibition titled “The Zimbabweans” by a solo artist Knowledge Mushohwe at Mutare Art Gallery recently.
“The war was not only fought in the trenches. Ordinary citizens also supported the liberation fighters in any way they could and we, as a country, should never forget that success was brought about through collective efforts,” said Mushohwe.
Mushohwe’s remarks are in sharp contrast with President Mugabe’s thinking that only those who support his party’s policies are heroes of the land.
The former minister of state for Manicaland said musicians such as Mapfumo and Oliver Mutukudzi, whose pictures were being exhibited, oiled the liberation struggle for independence with inspirational motivational music that suited the mood of the times.
Mukanya is one the musicians who were harassed by the Rhodesian government for his role in supporting the liberation struggle but he was not deterred.
“Mukanya oiled the liberation struggle. The Zimbabweans exhibition by Knowledge Mushohwe also recognises the contributions of legendary musicians that have made important contributions towards national development,” said Mushohwe.
The self-exiled Mukanya, who now lives in US where he is still pursuing his musical career, is known for tunes like Pfumvu paruzevha, Rita to mention a few which inspired many during the war against the Ian Smith regime.
He continued to sing against the oppression of blacks by blacks after independence through songs like Corruption and Mamvemve.
It was through these songs that Mukanya earned himself enemies within Zanu PF.
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