Musician Holy Ten claims he is Zim’s top artist; says was manipulated by Winky D

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By Staff Reporter

POPULAR local hip hop musician, Holy Ten, born Mukudzei Chitsama, has said Zimdancehall superstar Wallace Chirimuko aka Winky D used his influence and tricked him into a collaboration.

Holy Ten was speaking during an interview on state-owned Star FM’s the AfterDrive show a day after he posted on social media saying he now regretted collaborating with the Zimdancehall kingpin.

Holy Ten collaborated with Winky D in a song called Ibotso, which has been heavily politicised, with many concluding the song blames authorities for the long decayed economy and public suffering.

Clearing the air on Star FM, Holy Ten said he was not regretting the collaboration but how the song was being interpreted, at the same time insinuating Winky D used him without telling him the whole plan.

“I regret what activists, journalists and every other person is turning this into, I never attacked Winky D, I maintain my respect.

“Why I would regret it is I consider that an honour, but if that honour is going to divide my people, the same people I am fighting for and preaching to, then please I do not want the honour.

“What help does it bring to me? If you have a plan and you want to do something and you have an agenda and you have soldiers and you realise that you need an army, please tell your soldiers the whole plan. I am not implying anything,” Holy Ten said.

Holy Ten also claimed he is Zimbabwe’s top artist, adding  Winky took advantage of that.

“I have no air to clear, the people breathe Holy Ten, I am the sensation and the influence of the people, so when you realise that do not trick me,” he added.

It is alleged that Holy Ten was given a luxurious Mercedes Benz vehicle by one of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s sons and was then asked to bring it back after his song with Winky D started trending pointing out the rot in the system.