Mutambara pulls out of MDC Alliance, dumps Mnangagwa dialogue

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By Audience Mutema

OPPOSITION Zimbabwe People First (Zim PF) has disengaged from the loose coalition of parties known as the MDC Alliance as well as a dialogue platform called by President Emmerson Mnangagwaa, party leader Agrippa Mutambara saied Monday.

Mutambara told the journalist in Harare, Monday that his party would not have dialogue with Zanu PF because it had failed the nation.

“Zim PF cannot and should never engage in discussions with a party that has failed the nation and has brought suffering to its people,” Mutambara said.

The Zim PF president also announced his party was disengaging from the MDC Alliance a conglomeration of opposition parties formed to present a single candidate ahead of last year’s elections, accusing the latter of “grabbing all influential positions.”

“In the period leading to the 2018 elections , Zim PF alongside five other parties had much closer association with MDC-T led by Dr Morgan Tsvangirai and later by Advocate Nelson Chamisa by forming an alliance.

“By coming together the MDC Alliance presented a seemingly unstoppable challenge to Zanu PF. However, the big brother mentality was its undoing. The MDC Alliance never operated as a united opposition force,” Mutambara told a press conference.

“In the alliance what mattered the most to the MDC leadership was the regrouping of former MDC colleagues – MDC-T, MDC-N led Professor Ncube and PDP led by Tendai Biti. The other four parties were regarded as cheer partners to be used conveniently to project a picture of grand coalition.”

He highlighted that these are the core reasons why he and his other party members decided to pull out of the MDC alliance.

Mutambara told the press that: “If we were sure that we would be listened to, and would not be treated as second class citizens sure we were willing to join the MDC and work together.”

The Zim PF leader called on the Zanu PF government to resign because it had failed to provide answers to the country’s socio-economic problems.

“Successive Zanu PF governments have turned Zimbabwe into a country of beggars. We now have to queue for almost anything and everything. Long winding queues for fuel are a common sore feature of Zimbabwean life.

“If the election promises are not fulfilled the governing party owes it to the people to resign,” said Mutambara adding the ruling party is a sinking titanic.