MUTARE: Lightning kills three in Honde Valley

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By Staff Reporter

MANICALAND: Three people died after being struck by a bolt of lightning Wednesday afternoon in Mutasa district’s Ward 28 near Chavhanga Primary School.

ZRP provincial spokesperson Inspector Tavhiringwa Kakohwa said he was on leave referring questions to Nyanga district counterpart Assistant Inspector Cuthbert Tanyanyiwa who said they were yet to receive a report on the incident.

According to local villagers Misheck Nheredzo, Jealous Nyabanda and Phenias Mubata died after being struck by lightning while thatching a hut.

“They were thatching a hut when disaster struck. It’s sad. Police have been notified but we have been told to go ahead with burial arrangements,” said one villager.

The ages of the three could not immediately be ascertained.

Assistant Inspector Tanyinyiwa said police would document the unfortunate deaths. 

“We have not received the report but it’s likely because of communication problems. But by tomorrow we should be able to provide details of the incident,” he said.

The mountainous area is prone to lighting strikes in summer and police usually discourage people from engaging in activities that make then open targets.