Mutasa: Today’s youths in politics for cash, don’t care where the money comes from

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CIVIL activism by today’s youths is just about cash and not about nationalism, and neither is it about the good of the country, that’s why some of them are just fly by night activists, former state intelligence minister, Didymus Mutasa, said.

According to Mutasa, once their pockets are empty of donor funds today’s youths go into oblivion.

The veteran politician said what makes it even worse is that the youth don’t even care where the money is coming from and who is paying them.

Mutasa, who became the independent Zimbabwe’s first Speaker of Parliament, joined politics in 1957 at the age of 22 as a member of the African National Congress before joining Zanu PF in 1963 at its formation.

In an interview recently, Mutasa said yesteryear youths scarified their lives to liberate the country for nothing in return.

“If I look at the youths during our time when we joined main stream politics and the youths of the today I can safely say they want money by any means necessary,” said Mutasa in an interview with New Zimbabwe.

“It doesn’t matter whether those means are clean or dirty all they want is money.”

“Youths like us, we were there to protect our leaders, the party and the ordinary people, I do remember how they protected the late Shamuyarira (Nathan) and Chitepo (Herbert).”

“And the regime (Smith) was not very kind to anyone who wanted to overthrow it but we soldiered on.”

He added, “So the youths of that time had to ensure that leaders are not molested either by the regime or by anyone else.”

“That’s why there were few if any assassinations of the leaders that time because they were protected by the youths.”