Mutodi Angered By ‘Bat-Eating’ China For Exposing World To COVID-19

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By Staff Reporter 

CONTROVERSIAL Deputy Information Minister, Energy Mutodi has accused Asian countries including Zimbabwe’s all-weather friend, China of spreading the deadly coronavirus pandemic by consuming wild animals, bats and dogs.

COVID-19 has killed over 200 000 people across the globe with more than two million infected with the virus in just four months.

In Zimbabwe, the deaths are at four from 29 infections. China is where COVID-19 started in December last year before causing havoc across the globe.

However, Mutodi is not amused over the culinary methods of one of impoverished Zimbabwe’s key donors, China, and strongly condemned the Asian country’s huge appetite for wild animals and reptiles including snakes and monkeys.

Writing on Twitter, Mutodi said the Zimbabwe government should consider exporting beef to China and Indonesia so that the two country’s citizens would not eat dogs and bats.

“The consumption of dogs, cats, snakes, bats, monkeys, baboons, and other wildlife in Asia and some parts of Africa has left us all at risk of contracting the COVID-19 and Ebola viruses. We hope to up our game on beef exports to China, Indonesia, and others soon,” said Mutodi.