Man nearly kills father-in-law, wife and neighbour in fit of rage over US$10k compensation

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By Staff Reporter

A MAN from Chiodza, Mvuma, is on the run after nearly killing his father-in-law, wife and neighbour in a machete attack following some misunderstanding over US$10,000 in labour compensation which the man said he rendered.

Gilbert Nzwanda, is said to have visited his father-in-law Simon Munda’s homestead last week Friday and demanded US$10,000 as payment for labour he provided during his stay there.

The father-in-law, who was in company of his daughter and Nzwanda’s wife Gladys, according to police spokesperson Emmanuel Mahoko, turned down the demand.

This then enraged Nzwanda who removed a machete from his trouser and struck Gladys on the head and on both hands.

“It is alleged that an argument ensued after the father in-law turned down his demand. Nzwanda drew a machete from his pair of trousers and struck Gladys Munda on the head and on both hands several times,” said Mahoko.

“Munda tried to refrain him from further inflicting injuries to his wife and was struck on the head.

“While the attack was ensuing a neighbour Nicholas Mawire witnessed the assault and advanced towards them in a bid to refrain him. Nzwanda confronted Mawire and struck him on the cheek and neck.”

After that Nzwanda was disarmed and proceeded to burn two huts, a bedroom and fowl run, while his victims fled into the darkness.

They were later admitted at Mvuma district hospital for treatment.

Police recovered the machete used in committing the offence.