Mwonzora denies Prime Minister ambitions, bid to drag MDC into GNU

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By Mary Taruvinga

MDC top politician Douglas Mwonzora has dismissed as malicious, social media claims he was keen on dragging MDC into a government of national unity with the Zanu PF led administration in an arrangement that would see him become Prime Minister.

This follows a recent Supreme Court ruling which declared current MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa’s rise to the helm of the main opposition was illegal.

The court ordered the party to revert back to its 2014 structures in which Mwonzora was secretary general.

If implemented to the dictates, the ruling, which was openly celebrated by the politician and allies, should see Mwonzora revert to becoming Chamisa’s party senior, having defeated the latter to the post of secretary general during the 2014 congress.

The unpopular ruling sparked panic among angry MDC Alliance politicians and followers who accused the legislator of treachery.

There have been some circulating WhatsApp chats purportedly coming from the lawyer pushing for a GNU so he could become premier.

Mwonzora has moved to disown the chats which he attaches to enemies keen on soiling his name.

“It has come to my attention that there are WhatsApp chats that have been thrown onto the social media purporting to be coming from me,” he said in a statement Sunday.

“In those chats, an impression is being created that I am in discussions with the government in order to form a Government of National Unity in which I will be Prime Minister.

“The chats are fake and malicious.”

Mwonzora argued this was part of a vicious smear campaign and cyber war being waged against him by rivals.

“For the record, my goal is not to be Prime Minister of Zimbabwe,” he said, adding that his dream was to see a prosperous Zimbabwe in which citizens were free to make their political choices without fear.