Mwonzora hits back at Chamisa, equates rival to Mugabe

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By Robert Tapfumaneyi

MDC-T secretary general Douglas Mwonzora says the level of intolerance being displayed by Nelson Chamisa was not only shocking but totally repugnant of modern dictates of common decency in leadership.

This follows attacks on him by the MDC Alliance leader at the burial of a party official over the weekend.

“I learnt with dismay the unprovoked utterances against my person attributed to Advocate Chamisa at the recent funeral service of the late Hon Miriam Mushayi,” Mwonzora said.

“The unfortunate diatribe against my person, characterised by the unsavoury name calling was not only unfortunate but regrettable given that this was coming from a man calling himself the people’s president.

“The level of intolerance displayed by the president of the Alliance party is not only shocking but totally repugnant of modern dictates of common decency in leadership.

“It is an affront to the progressive democratic tenets of modern politics.”

Addressing mourners during the late Mushayi’s church service, Chamisa described his former ally, ‘as a sell-out who was fighting an unwinnable petty agenda’.

For close to six months, Mwonzora, has been on a warpath, frustrating the operations of the MDC Alliance through recalls on MPs and councillors claiming they had ceased to be MDC-T members.

“I am really disappointed with his level of selfishness and that Mwonzora has sunk so low. He is claiming to defend the legacy of the late Morgan Tsvangirai by destroying what he (Tsvangirai) built. You claim you want to defend his legacy when you do not even know the origins of Tsvangirai,” Chamisa told mourners.

In response, Mwonzora said by choosing a funeral platform to spew hate, Chamisa was not only abusive of the grieving family but this was testimony of a man hurting from inside and in need of help.

“This behaviour, inimical of the late Robert Mugabe is not helpful to a society desperate for a new breeze of politics, free from hate and intolerance,” Mwonzora said.

“Zimbabwe yearns for a new political culture where rational disputation thrive and people can respectfully disagree without animosity against one another.

“The bitterness displayed by Advocate Chamisa does not promote the new society we envisage. It can only perpetuate acrimony and violence which has characterised our toxic political landscape since independence in 1980.

“This politics is not only retrogressive but archaic and unproductive. We must as political leaders free the new generation of Zimbabwe from this kind of politics.”

Mwonzora added, “Zimbabwe deserves a better leadership which focuses on issues than personalities.

“It is my wish to advance a developmental political agenda which will extricate our people from poverty and hunger.

“Together as Zimbabwe, we can achieve this in our lifetime. I call on my brother Nelson Chamisa to emulate this new political trajectory and make a difference to many a young man out there who look up to him for real change.”

The two former allies broke ranks on the day the Supreme Court ruled Chamisa was not the legitimate leader of the opposition MDC-T.

Mwonzora quickly jumped ship and joined Thokozani Khupe who was declared interim president of the party.