Natbake in 5 tonne mealie meal donation to philanthropic kitchen

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By Ndatenda Njanike

CHITUNGWIZA based bakery, Natbake on Friday donated five tonnes of mealie meal to a local kitchen that has been feeding thousands of vulnerable residents during the current Covid-19 lockdown period.

The famous Soup Kitchen was started by one philanthropic Samantha Murozoki who was feeding 24 people who included two widows from her neighbourhood and children she knew where going to bed without a meal.

As the news spread, the numbers of those needing food surged to 3 000.

Natbake General Manager, Edmore Kanhukamwe said the gesture was part of the firm’s corporate social responsibility in light of the work being done by Murozoki.

“We understand how difficult it is especially during this period of Covid-19 for voluntary organisations such as this one to mobilise resources and feed a huge constituency such as this which Ms Murozoki is taking care of.

“And that is the reason why Natbake is donating five tonnes of mealie meal to add to what is already here.

“This donation you are receiving is part of the corporate social responsibility we have here in Chitungwiza where we will be giving back to the community that supports us,” he said.

On her part, Murozoki said she was grateful for the gesture which she said will go a long way in alleviating the food stocks challenges faced by her kitchen.

She said the community faced many other problems which were beyond her capacity to solve while calling on fellow citizens to step in.

“Having a lot of institutions or organisations such as Natbake pitching up with loads of mealie meal is a huge relief and words cannot express.

“I really can’t put words to it but I’m super grateful.

“Whilst we were carrying out our drive, we have other aspects of our society that we address, we mainly deal with food but we have people who come up with issues to do with sanitary health when it comes to medical conditions and social things I might not be able to discuss in public.

“So, we are dealing with a thing we might not have been trained for. I am so happy that today I have a podium to tell you that we need help.

“Volunteers will come to assist with the serving of food but we need psychologists, we need doctors, we need experts in anything, in any department, you name it. We have a problem with those over 3000 people.

“And for me to take on the task to handle these problems is risky because I’m a little bit unadvised. I might have the wrong equipment,” she said.