Ncube denies messing up the economy

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By Leopold Munhende

FINANCE Minister Mthuli Ncube has rubbished claims he was behind Zimbabwe’s mounting economic problems dramatised by continued prices increases, fuel and cash shortages.

Ncube told Zimbabweans should understand reforms were a tough undertaking that came with it own turbulence.

He was adamant the tough economic measures being implemented by government were necessary in a country that has seen the worst of economic difficulty in the past two decades.

“The reforms that we are undertaking will strengthen the economy, our institutions and tee us up for a prosperous Zimbabwe in line with our desire to achieve an upper middle-income status by year 2030,” said the Treasury boss.

“We have a TSP (Transitional Stabilisation Programme) that is in its final year of implementation, reforms are never easy, the response will come.

“Do not underestimate the impact of the drought and climate change. It is very severe.

“It is the drought causing the food shortages.”

Ncube has been singled out for rebuke among politicians and ordinary citizens for his tough economic measures Zimbabweans have blamed for plunging the economy deeper into the abyss.