Ncube says new Russia Zim deals worrying

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A FRESH round of Zimbabwe Russia trade deals which now include military assistance barely five months before elections, has unnerved the opposition camp.

Professor Welshman Ncube, the MDC Alliance spokesperson and MDC leader, said the deals which were rushed through without involvement of parliament are of great concern.

Ncube said the Russians and several western countries were stampeding to sanitize President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s illegitimate regime.

“It’s a matter of concern,” said Ncube recently in Dete.

He added, “When we conduct our international relations in a manner which is not consistent with our obligations and those of other countries in international law, it is worrying.

“As Zimbabwe, our constitution requires that any treaties that we enter into with any country requires that and agreement should be placed before parliament, debated and adopted.

“Therefore we would expect that these whole deals done with the Russians will be brought before parliament and we know their full terms and details so that the legitimate representation of the people which is parliament can deliberate on them as required by law”.

Two weeks ago, Russian Foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, was in Zimbabwe and revealed that his country was ready to assist in several sectors including the military.

“We have also talked about prospects for military and technical cooperation. We have a special group working on this particular subject,” said Lavrov.

He, however, said his country, which is accused of interfering in the United States elections two years ago, would not directly interfere with Zimbabwe’s domestic affairs.

Mnangagwa swept to power last November on the back of a military intervention that forced former President Robert Mugabe to resign, and the new Zanu PF leader is now in the process of consolidating his position.

Ncube said Western capitals are falling over each other to endorse Mnganagwa.

“We are aware that a number of countries and not only the Russians but some of the Western countries, some whom might have assisted the military coup are falling over each other to recognize the junta as an legitimate government.

“The Mugabe regime lacked legitimacy and the Mnangagwa regime lacks legitimacy and the only source of legitimacy will be the people via an open, transparent, free and fair election.

“Elections are four to five months away and why rush and stampede to sign deals?

“Let everybody shape out the junta through free and fair elections before we can talk about the deals. Let us restore legitimacy first”.