NEC Food Secretary General booted out of office over corruption, bad governance

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By Alois Vinga

The National Employment Council (NEC) for Food and Allied Industries Secretary General Malini Mpango was kicked out of office Monday over allegations of embezzlement of funds and a cocktail of bad governance malpractices.

Speaking to shortly after ejecting the ‘rogue’ administrator, Food Federation and Allied Workers Union of Zimbabwe (FFAWUZ) secretary general, Runesu Dzimiri said the action to boot out Mpango had become inevitable.

“We have tried all civil means to deal with the crisis obtaining at the NEC Food to no avail. Mpango was working in cahoots with some aligned corrupt unions in a development which saw him preside over the transfer of 42 seats to one union even though office bearers’ term of office had not yet lapsed,” he said.

He said an application to stop such unwarranted allocation of seats was filed with the High Court which ruled that they had no jurisdiction over such matters. The case has however been placed before the arbitrator.

Dzimiri alleged that the NEC proceeded to sell immovable properties worth over US$1,2 million without following due procedure without duly involving appointed officials in charge of the properties.

“He has also violated the constitution seriously after presiding over the extension of the term of office for the NEC councillors even though the Constitution states that they must be procedurally appointed every two years. Councillors play an important role in the functioning of the NEC because they are the people who form the executive and full council.

“The expiry of their term of office therefore renders other highest decision-making organs of the NEC useless, leaving only the General Secretary and administration team to do as he pleases. We don’t understand how they extended their term of office and we are yet to find out the reasons, “said Dzimiri.

It was also alleged that the NEC’s expenditure and budgets are not in order with the new team which has taken over the offices mulling a forensic audit to ascertain the exact state of affairs.

Mpango tried to rope in police officers from the Harare Showground Police Base who however denied getting involved in the matter after learning that the matter was purely of a labour nature which falls under the Labour Court’s purview.