Neighbours expose thieving maid after US$700 heist

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By Staff Reporter

A 23-year-old woman employed as a maid allegedly stole USD$700 from her employer, quit her job and went on a shopping spree of her life.

Thandiwe Mataruse was however sold out by neighbours she had bought some furniture which was seen being delivered by a truck at her homestead.

She denied stealing from her employer when she appeared before a Masvingo magistrate, Candice Kasere.

She told court that the furniture was in fact bought by her husband, who is an illegal gold panner in the area.

Prosecutors told court that on 9 July this year, Mataruse went to her workplace at Joseline Shamhuyarira’s shop where she was employed as a cleaner.

Court heard that while she was doing her duties, her employer was counting money from her previous daily takings which amounted to USD$900 and ZW$1 200 and she went on to leave the money safely in a purse behind the counter.

Court was further told that the shop owner went outside to meet someone and left her employee busy with her work.

“Owner of the shop later came back and started helping her employee with cleaning. When a customer arrived wanting to buy in the shop, that’s when she realised that cash amounting to US$700 was missing in the purse.

“Mataruse was asked if she knew anything about the missing money and she professed ignorance over the matter and she later quit her job,” Prosecutor Mbambo told the court.

Court heard that six days after the incident, Shamhuyarira received information from Mataruse’s neighbours that her former employee had just received a delivery of some new household furniture she had just bought.

This angered Shamhuyarira who went and reported the matter to the police leading to the arrest of Mataruse.

A kitchen unit, mattress, solar panels, a home theatre system among other items were discovered at Mataruse’s house.