NetOne sues thieving employee

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By Mary Taruvinga

NETONE Cellular (Private) Limited has dragged its former employee, Lawrence Gora to court after he failed to account for stock worth US$29 651.

The company accuses Gora of having stolen or neglected his duty to safeguard the stock resulting in it going missing.

Now the network service provider wants Gora to pay the amount and also says he acknowledged being accountable but failed to pay.

Court papers show that Gora was at all material times an employee of NetOne stationed at its Karoi warehouse shop as area sales representative.

Among other things, he was custodian of all stock, carry out stock and bank reconciliations for the shop, ensure that the stocks are accounted for and more importantly to protect the employer’s business by ensuring that there is stock pilferage, theft or fraud.

“Put differently, he had a duty to take care of entire plaintiff’s property,” said NetOne in summons filed with the High Court.

On or about May 2018, the plaintiff carried out an investigation which unearthed the banking and stock variances amounting to US$29 651.

NetOne says Gora concealed or neglected to report the variances or explain the stock and banking variances to the plaintiff.

“The plaintiff has not been able to recover the stock or the amount equivalent to the stock.

“Despite that he had responsibility to ensure that the plaintiffs’ stock is secure, he has fraudulently deprived the employer of its property or stole the employer’s property or breached the duty of care bestowed on him by the plaintiff,” reads the summons.

NetOne said Gora has admitted but has failed to pay back the amount being claimed by his employer.

The company is claiming US$29 651 being the value of plaintiffs stock lost or stock that cannot be accounted for as a result of Gora’s negligence or theft and or fraudulent acts.

Through Messrs Matsikidze Attorneys at Law Legal Practitioners, NetOne also said Gora should settle legal fees.