New political party TPF backs calls for GNU

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By Staff Reporter

NEWLY-FORMED opposition, The Patriotic Front, has landed support to calls for the formation of a government of national unity in Zimbabwe but says talks should be extended to other relevant players outside the warring Zanu PF and MDC Alliance.

Former cabinet minister, Tshinga Dube reignited the discourse recently, telling the local media a GNU was the panacea to a recurrent political and economic crisis in the country.

His views invited sharp rebuke from Presidential spokesperson George Charamba who fell short of calling the outspoken politician an “agent of the West”.

In a statement Sunday, TPF has backed the call the outspoken Zanu PF top official, given the catastrophic failure of Zanu PF to remedy the national crisis.

“It is common logic that dialogue is needed to cease political hostilities in the country, get the economy working again and initiate urgent solutions to the unending suffering that Zimbabweans have been subjected to,” said the fledgling party through its interim spokesperson, Mxolisi Ncube.

“We however, believe that for such dialogue to work, the two political parties that have led us to where we are right now – Zanu PF and the MDC Alliance, working alone, cannot be trusted to bring lasting solutions to the country’s problems. These two parties are failing to work within their own movements and thus, cannot lead in finding solutions to national problems.”

TPF said Zanu PF had, through entitlement, misgovernment, racism and tribalism, destroyed Zimbabwe, while “the lack of legitimate leadership, the egocentrism and power hunger within the MDC Alliance” had made it impossible for the two parties to meet and proffer solutions to the multifaceted crisis in the country.

“How then can two parties, who are riddled with infighting, personal interest, ambition, and no clear direction, manage to form a government of national unity, let alone fix the country’s problems?

“We have realised that one party is hell-bent on personal and clan enrichment, while the other doesn’t even have a viable leader,” added the opposition party.

TPF accused Charamba of trying to play “headmaster” in Zimbabwean politics through his threadbare attack on Dube.

The party argued elusive solutions to the national crisis could only come through the involvement of various state bodies, government departments, civil society, religious leaders, trade unions and the general populace.

“It is the general population – across race, tribe, religion or creed, which needs to be put at the forefront in suggesting the solutions because they live the problem, feel the pain and bear its brunt while selfish politicians use them to fight for selfish gains,” argued the opposition party.

“The liberation ideals which allow for freedom of expression, equality, better life for all, unity in diversity, inclusiveness, better life for all and economic progress were all fought for by the ZPRA and ZANLA, but we note with concern that ZANU PF has veered off the rails, hence the fights prevailing now.”

TPF also bemoaned Zanu PF’s abuse of the uniformed forces in its political agendas that are divorced from national interest.

“We are also worried that the entitlement within Zanu PF ranks and the disrespect for national sovereignty on the side of the opposition MDC Alliance has left our civil servants, including our uniformed forces, unable to professionally discharge their constitutional duty to the service of all Zimbabweans alike.

“It is of paramount importance that the family men and women who serve and protect our country in their various uniformed ranks do not continue to be pitted against their own mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters in defence of a party that has completely lost all bearing and illegally claimed ownership of everything Zimbabwean,” added Ncube.

“We know that our uniformed forces have it in their heart of hearts to discharge their duties with the diligence, professionalism and aplomb that will cleanse them of the hate they are currently subjected to by the rest of population, if only they are allowed space to do so.”