New Zapu Leader Nkomo Rallies Party Ahead Of Elections

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By Bulawayo Correspondent

NEWLY elected Zapu president Sibangilizwe Nkomo has pledged to revive the party with the main objective of winning the upcoming 2023 national elections.

Sibangilizwe, who is the son of the late vice president Joshua Nkomo, was Saturday elected Zapu’s new president during a drama filled elective congress held in Bulawayo.

Nkomo polled 793 votes to land the post which become vacant following the death of the party’s president Dumiso Dabengwa three years ago.

Addressing journalists Monday, Nkomo also promised to unite the fractured party following the divisive weekend congress.

“I declare my dedication and commitment in leading from the mass mobilization drive and campaign from congress going forward. Never again will Zapu participate in elections for the sake of participating. Zapu will from now onwards participate in all the elections with one and one aim only, victory,” declared Nkomo.

The new president also pledged to mobilize resources for the party as well as revive all its organs throughout the country.

“When I accepted the call to contest for this position, I was aware of the challenges that we face as a party starting from the need to establish legitimate and authentic branches all over the country and also the need to raise adequate resources for the party to complete successfully in all the elections that will be held freely and fairly in the country,” he said.

Nkomo said he was also going to deal with factionalism in the party.

During the congress, six disgruntled members including one presidential aspirant filed an urgent chamber application at the Bulawayo High Court against Nkomo and the party to stop the congress.

The applicants who later withdrew the court challenge accused Nkomo and the party of violating the organization ‘s Constitution.

“Internal elections are meant to create an opportunity for members to freely choose whom they deem fit to drive the mandate but unfortunately due to the nature of politics, it is normal that towards elective conferences and congresses, factions are unavoidable due to difference in opinion”

“If those factions have the interest of the party, it is therefore not surprising that after these elective conferences and congresses members emerge even stronger and united. It is my belief that from today going forward we are all going to speak in one voice as a united and progressive Zapu family which understands the task that lies ahead,” said Nkomo.

The Zapu president said his party will also push for reforms before the elections.

“Today, we demand from the government of Zimbabwe that certain reforms such as the electoral and security sector reforms be addressed as a matter of urgency and that justice be delivered equally, timeously and without fear or favour to all Zimbabweans,” he added.