Nicki Minaj gets married to ex-convict celebrity hubby

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Nicki Minaj appears to have confirmed that she and Kenneth Petty got married.

The pair’s relationship has come under much scrutiny and more so the news of their marriage. The rapper recently shared a short video of bride and groom baseball caps and Mr and Mrs mugs on her Instagram account.

The couple obtained their marriage licence in July but had been waiting for a particular pastor to be free to officiate the ceremony.

This relationship (and more so, the marriage) is particularly odd because of Kenneth Petty’s criminal history.

Kenneth was reportedly convicted for an attempted rape of a 16-year-old girl and served seven years in jail for a manslaughter charge he plead guilty.

Given her partner’s history, Nicki’s views on women’s wellbeing have repeatedly been called into question despite the declarations she makes about being in “support (of) abused women”.