Night activities introduced for tourists in Victoria Falls rainforest

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Staff Reporter

Victoria Falls: The Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (Zimparks) has introduced night time activities in the Victoria Falls Rainforest and Zambezi National Park with closing time being extended from 6pm to 10pm.

The night activities, which were effected Friday, will see tourists paying more than day visitors, with internationals paying $40 and locals parting with $10 per entry into the Rainforest.

Operators are also expected to get separate permits for the new activities.

All tour activities under the custodianship of Zimparks such as game drive, boat cruise, rafting, tour of the Rainforest and others were all along day activities closing at 6pm.

In a statement, Zimparks said it was introducing four new activities to offer diversity.

This comes at a time when Victoria Falls residents have complained at different fora about exploitation where hundreds of thousands of dollars being generated from the natural resources especially river activities and tour of the Rainforest are allegedly not benefiting locals.

“The Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority, in its effort to provide diversity, has introduced four new tourism products in the Victoria Falls and Zambezi National Parks. These include Rainforest night viewing, Livingstone Statue night bush dinners, Zambezi National Park night game drive and Zambezi River drive picnic.

“In bid to improve the visitors experience, we are pleased to inform you that the authority had adjusted the Rainforest opening and closing times with effect from September 21, 2018,” read the statement.

Summer and winter times are different.

During summer, the Rainforest will be opening at 6am for the day session and closing at 6pm while during winter opening time will be 6.30 am with closing at 6pm.

The evening times are between 7pm and 10pm across seasons.

International adult tourists will pay $40 to enter the Rainforest with children being charged $20.

Local adults will pay $10 per entry with children forking out $5 per entry, a rise from day activities where adult locals pay $7 and kids $4.

Internationals pay $30 for the day visit at the present moment.

Charges for bush dinners in the Rainforest will be provided to clients on request, added the wildlife authority.

Night game drives will be done in the Zambezi National Park, Chamabondo area.

However, operators will have to apply for a separate game drive and guiding permit for the night activities.

The new activities are expected to help increase visitors’ stay in the resort town and encourage overnight stay.