Nkosana Moyo ditches ED talks, says process a circus without MDC

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By Staff Reporter

LOSING presidential candidate Nkosana Moyo and his party have pulled out of the ongoing dialogue led by President Emmerson Mnangagwa insisting the process was headed for nowhere without the participation of the biggest opposition party, MDC.

In a statement issued through his Alliance for the People’s Agenda (APA) on Monday, Moyo also accused the President of double speak after calling for national dialogue on one hand and on the other, boasting about recent army abuses on civilians.

APA accused Mnangagwa of going against promises to become “President for all Zimbabweans” when in fact he was “President for his Zanu PF party members”.

The small opposition outfit said Mnangagwa betrayed the spirit of the dialogue process when he openly bragged about deploying the army to kill civilians during the January protests.

Local NGOs say 17 were gunned down during the skirmishes.

“More worrisomely,” said the opposition, “he (Mnangagwa) openly threatened that anyone who, according to him, engaged in acts of disorderliness would have their life shortened.”

APA said its pleas for a broad based dialogue which looked beyond political parties, “to ensure national representation” have proven to be a mirage.

Moyo’s party said the continued absence of Nelson Chamisa and his MDC from the inclusive process has reduced the talks to a circus.

“…If the dialogue is restricted to political parties, then it should be obvious that on a minimum, both Zanu PF and MDC are to be represented.

“If the idea of a national dialogue is to try to bring the nation to a place of cohesion, then it should be self-evident that a platform that excludes either Zanu or MDC-Alliance cannot be considered as a serious undertaking creating national cohesion.”

Chamisa has kept his distance from the process citing Mnangagwa’s insincerity to bring about a genuine conflict resolution process and the absence of a convenor in the talks.

The MDC leader has also said the current national gridlock should not be located outside the 2018 electoral dispute between his and Mnangagwa’s party.

By pulling out, Moyo joins other losing presidential candidates, Daniel Shumba and his United Democratic Alliance, Noah Manyika’s Build Alliance Zimbabwe and Timothy Chiguvare’s People’s Democratic Party of Zimbabwe who have cited the same reasons.