No bussing of state leaders to King Charles III coronation after Queen Elizabeth furore

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By Staff Reporter

STATE leaders set to attend the coronation of King Charles III will not be bused to Westminster Abbey after last year’s furore, a report on the historic event has revealed.

There was a massive uproar last year after images of African presidents packed in a bus for the burial of Queen Elizabeth made rounds on social media.

What made the situation worse was that American President Joe Biden used his own vehicle and security when the rest had been ordered to leave their vehicles in London.

A detailed report on how the day will be handled, published in the Washington Post, quotes a government official confirming this development.

“Among the invited leaders sending surrogates in their place is Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is campaigning ahead of a May 14 election. Erdogan skipped the queen’s funeral after a debate over security arrangements,” reads the article.

“This time, organisers are not busing world leaders to Westminster Abbey, the government official said. Everyone will have their own car.

“Security remains a big concern, the official said, although not to the degree it was for the funeral — in part because President Biden won’t be making a return trip.”