No Water For Weeks After 2km Bulawayo Cable Theft

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By Bulawayo Correspondent

BULAWAYO residents will have to endure days without running water following separate thefts on a total two kilometres of power supply cables at the city’s water reservoirs.

The affected reservoirs are Magwegwe and Criterion.

Bulawayo Town Clerk Christopher Dube confirmed the theft adding the municipality has been forced to suspend its water-shedding programme in suburbs supplied by the reservoirs for two weeks due to lack of power supplies.

In May this year, the council implemented a weekly 144-hours water-shedding programme in a move which has seen residents going for six continuous days without running water.

“The interruption is due to the prolonged time needed for the city’s reservoirs to recover since the theft of two kilometres of electricity supply cables on 31 July as well as recent three emergency leak repairs to the Nyamandlovu line on 6 August and latest power supply challenges to the Rochester Nyamadlovu boreholes which occurred at night on Thursday which Zimbabwe Electricity Distribution Company is currently working on,” said Dube.

“These factors against the background of the city’s average consumption which for the last two weeks has continued to be higher than supply have resulted in the prolonged recovery of the city’s reservoirs. This is further compounded by the low dam levels.”

Dube said some residents in the city will now receive the precious liquid as and when it is available.

He said water supplies to the affected suburbs will only be available so as to allow for consumers to fill their containers.

“This shall be reviewed regularly until Friday, 28 August 2020, a date which we envisage the system to have recovered enough for supply to be regularised to allow for a reversion back to the 144-hour weekly shedding programme,” said Dube.

Some of the affected suburbs include Luveve, Magwegwe, Njube, Mpopoma, Cowdray Park, Tshabalala, Sizinda, parts of Kelvin and Nkulumane.

Bulawayo is experiencing an acute shortage of water which has resulted in the city decommissioning three of its major water supply dams, Umzingwane, Upper Ncema and Lower Ncema.

It is relying on supplies from Insiza Mayfair, Inyankuni and Mtshabezi.