Nothing special about Mnangagwa, Chamisa, says top civic leader

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By Leopold Munhende

PROMINENT pro-democracy campaigner Briggs Bomba has urged Zimbabweans to stop treating President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his MDC rival, Nelson Chamisa as demigods.

Bomba, who is Citizens Manifesto convener, was speaking at the movement’s review of their National People’s Conference the group held last month.

The civic leader said Zimbabweans were too preoccupied with misconceptions the leaders of the country’s two most dominant political parties were the beginning and end of Zimbabwe’s political, economic and social problems.

“There is a misunderstanding that for us to move forward, the two should solve our problems.

“Citizens must understand that there is nothing special about President Emmerson Mnangagwa and MDC President Nelson Chamisa, nothing at all.

“At one time, they both walked barefoot, the other in Mberengwa and the other in Gutu there.

“We should stop treating them as demigods and let them realise they are there to serve the interests of those who voted them into power; they serve us.”

His comments follow growing calls by churches and ordinary Zimbabweans the two should meet and try to hammer out a lasting solution to the myriad problems affecting the country.

Bomba is expected to lead a diverse team of members from the Citizens’ Manifesto to meet Mnangagwa in the coming months.

He said there was need for the Zimbabwean electorate to introspect and realise the continuous mistakes they were making in voting for promises rather than results.

“We cannot continue making the same mistake of voting for politicians who continue to promise ‘I will do this for you’.

“We need to start voting for community leaders who have proof that they have done something for their communities,” he said.

Bomba said his group shall also be meeting Chamisa after its discussion with Mnangagwa.

He added, “We would really have loved to bring the two into a single room but we have decided not to push our luck and will be meeting ED, Chamisa and POLAD members separately.”

POLAD, the so-called Political Actors Dialogue, is a forum created by President Mnangagwa for him and the 22 politicians who contested him in the 2018 presidential election.

The platform has often been dismissed as useless as it also brings together politicians with a very tiny following in the country.