NSSA bans fired chairman, CEO from company premises

By Business Reporter

THE National Social Security Authority (NSSA) has ordered fired chief executive Liz Chitiga and chairman Robin Vela to keep away from the compulsory pension scheme’s premises.

In a memorandum dated 17 April, security personnel were warned that the two should not be allowed anywhere near authority’s offices.

“With immediate effect, our CEO (chief executive officer) and Mr Vela (chairman) has been barred to access NSSA Head Office following an executive instruction,” read the memorandum by the head of security.

“For any queries contact Mr Garwi and Mr Choto. Make sure that the instruction will be adhered to.”

Vera and Chitiga were fired last month by Labour and Social Services minister Petronella Kagonye.

Vera was sacked on the grounds that he was not ordinarily a resident in Zimbabwe.

The former chairman’s critic also claimed that the businessman had assumed an executive role at NSSA while side-lining other board members in the process.

Vera has since blamed Norton independent legislator Temba Mliswa for his dismissal.