Nuns Drag Colleague To Court Over US$12k Debt

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By Mary Taruvinga

DOMINICAN Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (the nuns) have taken their colleague Yananai Nyasha to court after she failed to pay back US$12 616 she borrowed last year.
The nuns are also demanding interest on the amount which Nyasha was supposed to pay off starting in December last year.
Parties had agreed that she would pay US$1 000 per month beginning on December 31 2020 but Nyasha has not paid a cent to date sparking fears of being duped in the nuns.
The matter is now before the High Court pending a full hearing.
According to court papers, on November 30 , 2020 Nyasha acknowledged her indebtedness to the nuns in writing.
The total amount she owed them was US$12, 626, 51.
Parties also agreed that interest at the rate of 18 percent would start accruing on the whole outstanding amount.
“In breach of her own acknowledgement of debt, Nyasha has not paid any instalment to date. By reason of the aforesaid breach, the whole debt became due and payable together with interest at the rate of 18 percent per annum. Further by reason of her breach, the defendant is liable to pay US$12616, 51 together with interest and costs on a legal practitioner-client scale,” reads the declaration by the nuns.
The matter is yet to be heard.