Nurse Humiliated In Front Of Patients For ‘Hubby Snatching’

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By Mary Taruvinga

A THEATRE nurse at a Mt Darwin hospital, has slapped one Rumbidzai Chundu with a $4 million defamation lawsuit after the latter assaulted and insulted her in front of patients for allegedly snatching her husband.

In summons filed with the High Court, Nyasha Katsande said she felt so humiliated to a point of wishing the ground could just open up and swallow her to avoid further embarrassment.

Katsande denies ever having the alleged love relationship with Chundu’s husband.

According to the summons, the incident occurred sometime in April this year at Mt Darwin Hospital.

Katsande works with Chundu’s husband.

Court was told that Chundu approached Katsande who was attending to patients and started attacking the nurse while accusing her of bedding her husband.

“Defendant shouted at plaintiff and physically abused her in front of the public and plaintiff’s personality was damaged.

“Plaintiff is a public figure and this embarrassment caused her mental distress because she was humiliated to the lowest level.

“Plaintiff was physically assaulted, in the circumstance, suffered pain and she sustained some injuries,” reads the summons.

Katsande’s lawyers further wrote their client could no longer freely walk around the hospital as she was now seen by her workmates as a home destroyer.

Of the claimed money, $1,2 million is for mental distress, $1,4 million for pain and suffering while $1,4 million is being demanded for loss of reputation.

The matter is yet to be heard.