Nurses group says disappointed by colleagues ignoring strike call

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By Alois Vinga

THE Zimbabwe Nurses Association (ZINA) has expressed disappointment with some of its members who continue to report for work while ignoring a strike action declared last month by the country’s health personnel.

In a statement, the group said the actions by its uncooperative members could frustrate efforts by striking nurses to press their employer to award them US dollar wages.

Zimbabwe public hospital nurses downed tools some two weeks ago demanding the restoring of their US$520 which they were earning October 2018.

In their industrial action update, dated July 2, 2020, ZINA urged nurses to respect the call for a strike.

“We continue to encourage all our members to heed this call,” said the welfare group.

“We further call upon all members who have gone against the position of the majority of subsidising government by continuing to go to work to join rank with all the other nurses.”

The nurses group said members need to understand that the ongoing action was meant to protect the dignity of the nursing profession which is only achievable through unity.

ZINA also urged nurses to ignore claims being made by those opposed to the strike the industrial action was being sponsored by the opposition.

The group said its membership was apolitical and was only there to advance pure labour issues.

The association said it is not under illusion in the face of difficulties likely to be experienced along the way and called on members to remember that “the darkest hour is before dawn” hence the need to sustain the pressure on the employer.

“No US$ No work. To this end, nurses who are still going to work, withdraw your labour immediately.

“As a profession, we will all stand up for any of us who are victimised for exercising their right to demand a living wage,” ZINA added.