Nurses Resign In Droves From Bulawayo City Clinics

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By Bulawayo Correspondent

THE Bulawayo City Council has been hit-hard by a critical shortage of nurses who are leaving the local council-run clinics in larges, the city’s latest report reveals.

“The Director of Health Services on 8 September reported that there was a critical shortage of nursing staff at clinics. Nurses were resigning in big numbers monthly,” reads the report.

Apart from the shortage of nurses, the municipality also noted the city had also been hit by a shortage of ambulances.

“Council was operating with few ambulances. One ambulance is dedicated to Covid-19. Every time an ambulance completed delivery of a patient, it is disinfected,” revealed the report.

It further noted some local council clinics and other Covid-19 vaccination centers in the city turned away residents with no identity documents disregarding a government directive to shun the discriminatory exercise.

The anomaly was raised by councillor Silas Chigora during a recent council meeting.

Chigora noted the Health Ministry had issued a directive instructing all health centers to accept recommendation letters from community leaders for people with no IDs, but some clinics were disregarding the letters.

“The directive was instructing community leaders to write letters which were to be submitted to the vaccination centre by the residents without documents. He noted that most council clinics and other vaccination centres turned away such residents with such a letter,” added the report.