Obama Joins Biden’s US Presidential Campaign

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WITH less than two weeks remaining before election day, the Biden campaign is putting one of its most valuable assets out on the field.

Barack Obama remains highly popular, particularly among the Democratic base, and the choice of Pennsylvania for his first in-person campaign event suggests they recognise that the state is the most important battleground of the 2020 election.

Obama has been active in supporting the Democratic effort so far, including fund-raising, advertising and a high-profile speech at the party’s national convention. That it has taken so long for him to hit the campaign trail, however, suggests that the Democratic strategy to avoid large rallies is more than just an attempt to shelter Joe Biden from the public, as his critics suggest.

The former president will make a direct pitch to black voters, particularly men, whose support Biden desperately needs to win key industrial states, like Pennsylvania, that Hillary Clinton lost in 2016. Of course, Obama also held a major election-eve event in Philadelphia for her four years ago, to no avail.

Obama carried Pennsylvania twice when he ran for president, but there’s only so much he can do for his former running mate. This time it’s Biden’s name, not his, at the top of the ballot.


  1. There are now just 13 days to the US election on 3 November. President Trump trails Joe Biden in most national polls
  2. Former US President Barack Obama is making his first personal appearance on the campaign trail, stumping for Biden
  3. On Tuesday evening, President Trump cut short a CBS “60 Minutes” interview and tweeted against the journalist Lesley Stahl
  4. The New York Times reports that Trump has a Chinese bank account and spent years pursuing business projects in the country
  5. The US president has been critical of US firms doing business in China and sparked a trade war between the two countries
  6. Joe Biden is off the campaign trail today preparing for Thursday’s last presidential debate in Nashville, Tennessee
  7. President Trump will attend a rally in Gastonia, North Carolina