Obert Gutu Shortlisted For National Peace, Reconciliation Commission

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By Robert Tapfumaneyi

FORMER MDC-T Vice President Obert Gutu, who early this month joined Zanu PF, has been shortlisted for interviews as a commissioner in the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC).

There are eight vacancies to be filled on the NPRC and 29 candidates, including Gutu, have been shortlisted for public interviews set for 14 April.

One vacancy arose in February 2020 when a member resigned and the other seven in February 2021 when their five-year term of office as commissioners expired.

However, according a legal think tank, Veritas, Section 236 of the Constitution states that members of national commissions should be non-political.

“It is, however, possible for a political party member to be appointed to the commission but he or she must relinquish his or her membership of the political party within 30 days of such appointment,” it said.

“For example, in the list provided by Parliament, Obert Gutu is a shortlisted candidate who has recently publicly joined Zanu PF, so if he were appointed by the President he would have to resign promptly. And this would apply to any other appointee who is a member of a political party.”

Justice Sello Nare is the NPRC chairperson.

Five previous commissioners served for only one term and are, therefore, eligible for reappointment and are on the list of candidates set to be interviewed.

The functions of the NPRC are to ensure post-conflict justice, healing and reconciliation, develop and implement programmes to promote national healing, unity and cohesion in Zimbabwe and the peaceful resolution of disputes.

Selection of commissioners must be on integrity, knowledge and understanding of, and experience in, mediation, conciliation, conflict prevention and management, post-conflict reconciliation or peace building.

Full list below:
1.     CHADA, GODFREY. T. Dr.                                  MALE
2.     CHIBUNDU JOSHUA. Mr.                                     MALE
3.     CHEKENYERE, GORDEN.D. Dr.                     MALE
4.     CHIMANGE, GETRUDE. Ms.                                MALE
5.     CHIRADZA, PATIENCE. Z. Ms.                      FEMALE
6.     DODO, OBADIAH. Dr.                                           MALE
7.     DUBE, DONWELL. Dr.                                           MALE
8.     GUTU, OBERT.C. Mr.                                             MALE
9.     GWERE, NOMAQHAWE. Mrs.                             FEMALE
10.  JACK, PETER. Mr.                                                 MALE
11.  MACHISA, OKAY. Mr.                                          MALE
12.  MANDEYA, ROBERT. Mr.                                    MALE
13.  MANDIWOMA, ELIZABETH. Mrs.                     FEMALE
14.  MHANDARA, LAWRENCE. Dr.                           MALE
15.  MOYO, CHIROPAFADZO. Rev. Dr.                    MALE
16.  MUCHECHETERE, ANDREW. A. Rev.               MALE
17.  MUNEMO, DOUGLAS. Dr.                                    MALE
18.  MUSHUNJE, MILDRED. Dr                                  FEMALE
19.  MUTSHINA, MARILYN. Ms.                                 FEMALE
20.  NCUBE, LESLIE. Dr #.                                           MALE
21.  NDLOVU, TSHIMUMOYO. Ms.                            FEMALE
22.  NDORO, CHOICE. Mrs.#                                       FEMALE
23.  NGWENYA, KHOLWANI. Mr.                             MALE
24.  NYAMUKACHI, EARNEST. Mr.                          MALE
25.  RUKUNI, TINASHE. Dr.                                         MALE
26.  SHAMBARE, JOSEPHINE. Dr.                             FEMALE
27.  TARU, JOSIAH. Dr.                                                 MALE
28.  VHIRIRI, THAMMARY. B. Mrs.                          FEMALE
29.  ZODZI, ANGELICA. Ms.                                        FEMALE