Olinda delights in ex-hubby Stunner’s public row with new wife

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By Paidashe Mandivengerei

UNITED KINGDOM based socialite and businesswoman, Olinda Chapel on Monday poked fun at her ex-husband and rapper Stunner’s “marital problems” saying it’s an honest truth that his predicament made her happy.

This comes after Stunner and his wife, Dyonne rowed on social media following the artist’s bad behaviour at his birthday party held in Harare.

Stunner, who had too much to drink at his party, took to his Facebook page to apologise in a post which he later deleted.

“Thank you all for coming it was such a vibe, I enjoyed the vibe. Hapana akabirwa, kurohwa kana kuitwa wastak (nothing was stolen, no one was beaten) but the birthday boy was a bit of a problem. I am sorry babe,” he wrote.

His wife who was not overly amused by the stunt blasted Stunner for the “fake apology” calling him a clout chaser.

The trouble in paradise made Chapel’s day who took the clash as their karma.

“When your ex and the person that was part of your break up has issues the honest truth is your heart rejoices.

“It’s human nature it doesn’t mean you haven’t moved on or you are unhappy,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

In a surprising twist, she jumped to Stunner’s defence stating that he is not abusive and never abused her while they were married.

“On another note, I don’t know my ex as a physically abusive person.

“I don’t want to lie, he never hit me not even once. I can attest to that.”

Olinda and Stunner separated in 2017 following a scandalous divorce when the musician had an extra marital affair with then girlfriend, Dyonne who is his current wife.