Only Prayers Will End Machete Wars In ED’s Kwekwe – Prophet

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By Midlands Correspondent

KWEKWE: POWERFUL cults are behind the on-going terror being unleashed by machete wielding men and this can only end through prayer, a popular prophet here has said.

Prophet Effort Maphosa of Grace Abound Church told journalists in the Midlands city that the marauding terror gangs were members of powerful occult groups and this can only be countered through prayers.

Kwekwe is President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s home town where he was once an MP. He has been accused of not doing much to end the terror caused by the machete gangs now known as Mashurugwi.

The city is rich in gold and is one of the areas that has seriously been affected by rampaging machete wielding men who are targeting gold miners, looting their mineral cash and leaving some dead.

“Most of these people in terror gangs are into cults. They belong to powerful cults and the best way to counter occultism is through prayer. Our police need God to fight these gangs,” Maphosa said.

The religious leader said as long as Zimbabweans failed to pray, the armed thugs would continue attacking innocent people.

“As long as we do not pray. divinity will never intervene. When we pray God will intervene in this situation. We encourage prayers in the community. If good people do not pray the bad will happen in the city. Prayer is the meeting point between divinity and humanity,” he said.