Open for Business: continental firm mobilises 600 top African CEOs to share experience with Zimbabwe

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THE CEO Africa Roundtable-a continental company Chief Executives’ representative body headquartered in Harare-said it was bringing into the country 600 top CEOs who would share their economic building experience with Zimbabwe.

Oswell Binha, the organization’s board chairman, said this to delegates witnessing the donation of $15 000 which was raised from the auctioning of President Emerson Mnangagwa’s neck tie in March, to Victoria Falls hospital, in the resort town on Friday.

He said plans to invite Africa’s best CEOs were already underway.

“Our goal as CEO Africa Roundtable is to build a network of economic champions that will not only transform Africa but regenerate African economies through creativity and local indigenous systems as we thrive to solve economic and social challenges we face,” said Binha.

“We are working on bringing to Zimbabwe over 600 champions from across the continent to continue chipping away at poverty across Africa,” he said.

The CEO Africa Roundtable chief said the planned meeting had been motivated by Mnangagwa’s Zimbabwe is open for business mantra which the head of state- since seizing power-has been preaching, locally, regionally and internationally.

“We believe that Zimbabwe deserves not less than double digit growth (economic) to regain the lost decade and reposition itself as the regional economic power house,” said Binha.

Mnangagwa, in March, met with the country’s CEOs in Victoria Falls and told them that his administration was going to separate business from politics.

The President also said all anti-investment laws were going to be repealed to motivate foreign direct investment.

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