Open letter to Obert Gutu

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Dear Advocate Obert Gutu,

“POLAD has to be brought to the people” is what you said in your own words in a recorded interview which has circulated widely.

New made a very clear statement in the story on their news bulletin that there was need to “seek approval from citizens” for POLAD. The big question to you advocate Gutu is “did Emmerson Mnangagwa seek the citizens’ approval to create POLAD?

Emmerson Mnangagwa proved to be a dictator when, in inviting Advocate Nelson Chamisa to POLAD, he made a condition that issues around legitimacy will not be discussed in POLAD. If there is need to “seek approval from citizens”, isn’t Advocate Chamisa also a citizen who represents the interests of, according to the rigged election results through which Emmerson Mnangagwa claimed power, more that 40 percent of the population of Zimbabwe?

Very interesting about Advocate Gutu’s current position that POLAD is the game changer, he was infuriated by Emmerson Mnangagwa’s reneging on an agreement made during a POLAD meeting that constitutional amendments where Emmerson Mnangagwa had agreed not to proceed with gazetting the amendments before they had been discussed by POLAD, a position also taken by Professor Lovemore Madhuku after Mnangagwa made a u-turn on a position he had agreed with his POLAD counterparts.

Despite being cheated by Mnangagwa in that manner, Advocate Gutu still has some faith in a Mnangagwa’s unconstitutional creation which is meant to hoodwink the world that there are so many political parties represented, yet they represent an insignificant proportion of same people Advocate Gutu says POLAD has to be brought to to seek their approval if I were to borrow words from New Zimbabwe’s commentary.

As long as we have conflicted hypocritical politicians like Advocate Gutu who at one point realises that they are not being taken seriously by the creator of POLAD which was created without citizens’ approval, hence unconstitutional, then the next time you hear him say POLAD is a game changer.

What should be a real game changer is for all level minded parliamentarians to team up and impeach Emmerson Mnangagwa. There is nothing unconstitutional about, given that some of the same parliamentarians were involved in the process to impeach Robert Mugabe, which could have forced him to resign after initially resisting to step down after the November 2017 military coup.

I am not a parliamentarian, neither am I too familiar with the impeachment processes under the Constitution of Zimbabwe, but I think there is a lot of evidence to table that would enable a motion of impeachment to be tabled against Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Mnangagwa pays a blind eye when Zanu PF MPs publicly vow to deny MDC members food and inputs assistance
Mnangagwa promises to name and shame people who externalise money, publicly declares that he has the list of externalisers, yet nothing is done about it.

Mnangagwa turns a blind eye when his Vice-President Comrade Chiwenga to abuse state machinery to fight his divorce case.

We have not heard him say a word about it. Ofcourse he can’t get into the issues why these guys are divorcing, but abuse of state machinery is something a “President” who claims he is anti-corruption should publicly voice concerns on, especially when it has gone out onto the public domain.

The unconstitutional creation of POLAD itself is enough reason for impeachment.

Failure to manage the economy to the extent that a United Nations expert is reported to have said the starvation looming in Zimbabwe is man-made.

The list can be very long, and I am sure many Zimbabweans will add to the list. I don’t want to monopolise, I have just kick-started the debate on why Emmerson Mnangagwa has to be impeached, and I hope members of parliament from across the political divide will respond to this people’s call.

A plan to impeach Mugabe was put into motion, Donald Trump is being impeached in the USA, and the same should happen to Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Kennedy Kaitano