“Operation Restore Legacy Was A Lie”: Haruzivishe

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By Anna Chibamu

FIREBRAND MDC Alliance activist Makomborero Haruziviishe says the so-called Operation Restore Legacy of November 2017, which led to the fall of late former president Robert Mugabe was a lie which will be reversed in next year’s general election with his party’s victory.

Addressing a press conference in Harare Friday, Haruziviishe, claimed the real reason for the military coup was for Zanu PF chefs to loot the country’s resources with impunity.

The opposition activist, who was recently bailed by the courts after a 10-month incarceration, said although he had a difficult prison experience, it had strengthened his resolve to fight for freedom.

“We were told lies that the country’s fortunes were to be protected and turned around, yet this was just a plan to loot and completely destroy democracy in Zimbabwe. There is need to reverse all those lies through legal means and processes,” the erudite youthful politician said.

“Whilst in prison, l met some of those people who helped to make the so-called ‘restore legacy’ a success but they are rotting in jail. I learnt that restore legacy was a manifesto of lies, thieving, looting and state capture and to violet people’s rights. Come 2023, let us all register to vote in our numbers. Zanu PF, in 2023 is going,” he said.

“For the 322 days that l was imprisoned, each day l deliberated on how to remove Zanu PF so l has 322 ideas thought over this period l stayed in prison. I came out strong knowing this party is going. One by one, these ideas will be implemented,” Haruziviishe said.

He also stated that his fight for freedom would not end even if he was to go back in jail because his ultimate goal was to have a free Zimbabwe where people could have proper meals, good paying jobs and freedom of speech, exercising their rights.

“The way we are living as a nation is disturbing. Almost everyone except a few of the elite and their allies are enjoying the fruits of this country. We are living like slaves. We have no jobs and the few jobs that are there do not pay enough. Courts are trembling on our rights. For you to get a fair trial, you must know someone from the party or have a big pocket. Corruption and nepotism are the order of the day.”

He added: “Zanu PF is using apartheid tactics to rig elections, and this is why l urge everyone to register to vote. We want the diasporans to be allowed to vote, those in security services to be allowed to vote freely and prisoners too should vote. Voting rights of many have been taken away.”