Opposition CCC spokesperson in near abduction after unidentified men disrupt briefing, party fingers Zanu PF  

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By Staff Reporter

SUSPECTED state security agents, Saturday attempted to abduct Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) national spokesperson, Promise Mkwananzi in Harare where he was addressing a press briefing.

Several unknown men and a woman had planted themselves among journalists before commotion started about five minutes into Mkwananzi’s address.

A masked middle-aged man in a grey tracksuit moved from the press and headed for Mkwananzi before he snatched the speech he was reading demanding that he follow him.

Commotion followed with the press requesting his identity which he did not disclose.

Outside the premises, there were about assailants were about 10 more unidentified men in parked unmarked vehicles while others were driving around.

After being confronted they sped off before the press conference proceeded.

Commenting on the incident, Gladys Hlatswayo in charge of the CCC Foreign Affairs desk said: “This is regrettable. We have every right to address the press and give our position on this sham of an election we had in Zimbabwe.

“We just wanted to respond to the various election observer missions’ preliminary reports and to give our position on what is happening at the current moment in Zimbabwe but it’s really shocking that Zanu PF functionaries were here trying to disrupt our press conference. We have a constitutional right, we didn’t do anything that is illegal, we were just trying to address members of the press and to let the nation know about our position in relation to these elections.

“It’s quite obvious that these are Zanu PF functionaries. They are doing whatever they are doing in the interests of Zanu PF.”

Mkwananzi added “It’s an embarrassment that some people are trying to abduct a whole national spokesperson for a political party. We don’t know who they are but we suspect it’s those who do not want the public to be told the truth. That is why they sent people to abduct me but God has always been on our side.”