Opposition leader blames MDC for ‘doctored video’

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By Robert Tapfumaneyi

Suffering Voices of Zimbabwe (SVZ) vice president Wellington Shumba, claims a video of him showing off his stay at a five star hotel on government expense was doctored by the opposition MDC.

The little known politician’s video went viral on social media in the past few days after he was filmed boasting about spending government money while citizens moan about hardships.

Ironically Shumba did not contest in the 2018 presidential election but came representing the New Patriotic front (NPF) lead by Tendai Munyanduri.

“That is a political opponent who is fighting me and probably Mnangagwa himself or the current government.

“They want to tarnish my name, my political career and that of President (Emmerson Mnangagwa),” said Shumba in an interview with Tuesday.

“And to be very open mwana wamai (my brother) that video was doctored. I suspect that there were division among ourselves (political leaders) whereby some were in favour of a local convener, while some wanted a foreign convener, I was totally against that.”

President Mnangagwa has had meetings with fringe opposition parties in a bid to find common ground and convince the world Zimbabweans are on the same page. However his call to dialogue has been snubbed by the main opposition MDC party lead by Nelson Chamisa.

Shumba added: “And I am suspicious of the MDC Alliance or whoever may have infiltrated us to the point of making me an enemy of the people and an enemy of the State.”

“I am not even happy, someone may have even hacked my WhatsApp, I am not even on Twitter and doctored that video and to look as if it was me.”

Shumba claimed he was businessman and can afford to look after himself well.

“Why would I do that? I have got my own money. I own a mine for your own information. I am a big business man so handingabude ndichitaura zvinhu zvemarara zvakadaro, (I can’t record myself saying such nonsense),” an animated Shumba said.

“I have nothing to do with that video, am not on Twitter. Check the origin of that video is not even known. I am still to find an expert kuti andiratidze kuti (to help me find) who doctored that video and what was the purpose.”