Opposition leader blasts Zanu PF, MDC over coronavirus laxity

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By Robert Tapfumaneyi

A LOCAL opposition party, EFF Zimbabwe has condemned both Zanu PF and MDC for allegedly keeping silent and failing to demand relevant answers from government on solutions to the ever-present threat of a coronavirus outbreak in the country.

Innocent Lutshutsha Gagu Ndibali, leader of Economic Freedom Fighters Zimbabwe, said in a statement the country’s two most dominant parties were both to blame for the sorry state that has become of the country’s health delivery system.

“It is not surprising that Zanu PF and MDC are silent on this impending catastrophe because between them, they have destroyed all the health infrastructure needed to respond to the Coronavirus,” said the EFF Zimbabwe leader.

“The MDC has destroyed the ability and capacity of local authorities they have run for the past 20 years through corruption and incompetence.

“Zanu PF has failed to govern at national level while MDC-A has in the last 20 years failed to govern at local level.

“This means MDC-A is a local failure while Zanu PF is a national failure.”

EFF Zimbabwe urged the summoning of the Health Minister by Parliament’s Health Committee to tell the nation what plans have been put in place to avert the possible outbreak of a disease that has killed thousands in mainland China and infected more.

“We also need to hear from the President Mnangagwa as to what his instructions are to his ministers to address the panic and fear among our people.

“We are even more concerned because our health infrastructure has collapsed putting millions of lives at risk.

“We are extremely concerned that the government appears to abdicate its duty to protect its citizens,” he said.

Ndibali added, “This is evident by the lack of urgency from the government when clearly the country and world is facing a potential catastrophic pandemic.

“As EFF Zimbabwe, we are very clear that we are demanding that the government starts a campaign to educate our people about how to take health measures to reduce the risk of catching and spreading the virus. This national campaign must start now.”