Opposition leader slams street protests amid Covid-19 menace

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By Staff Reporter

AN opposition leader has slammed fellow opposition parties in Zimbabwe for supporting the #ZimbabweLivesMatter campaign and yet were exposing locals to the risks of contracting Covid-19 through street protests.

This comes after the opposition had insisted on staging the July 31 national protests against high level corruption within government corridors and massive poverty, among some pointers to poor governance.

However, the protests never saw the light of day after security forces arrested the organiser of the protest Jacob Ngarivhume and went on to force activists into hiding.

The abuses have culminated in the #ZimbabweLivesMatter campaign launched along the lines of the global #BlackLivesMatter ignited by the callous murder of black American George Floyd by police in the superpower in the glare of the public.

However, UK based MAAT opposition leader, Nefekare Nembeware sees everything wrong with calling on citizens to risk contracting Covid-19 while confronting the state on the streets.

To emerge from the current national impasse, the opposition leader feels it was time a transitional authority took over the affairs of the country.

“We need a well-managed transition to a third force, that is neither Zanu PF nor MDC, a neutral leadership that was exposed to the liberation struggle, to make sure we don’t throw away the baby with the bathing water, but sufficiently and relatively young enough to understand how the modern world functions,” he told journalists weekend.

“This automatically excludes any leader born after 1980 or any leader above 60 years. This is a formula that works if implemented,” he said.

He was convinced the push for change in its current form was bound to fail or create instability in the country although admitting the situation in the country was untenable.

He is keen on President Emmerson Mnangagwa addressing the national decay.

He continues, “By the same token, the timing of the current demonstrations is questionable and mistimed.

“We are in the midst of a global pandemic, yet we are calling our people to demonstrate on the streets. Clearly, in that scenario, we are sending a clear message that Zimbabwean lives actually don’t matter. The current #ZimbabweLivesMatter movement is thus a paradox,” he said.

Nembeware said it was time government gave way to a transitional authority.

“The emphasis of this authority should be our ability to solve our own problems as Zimbabweans. Our history is unique, a blanket solution might not work. The ‘Soft Landing’ formula must be strictly followed to ensure stability.

“The transitional authority must have leaders handpicked from various current political parties, civic society, for their track record as leaders of integrity.

“The church must stay out of politics and must be excluded from leadership positions. However, it might have a role in some government commissions, for example, reconciliation.

“As to the actual composition of this transitional authority, it must be streamlined, and must reflect the new direction the country will take,” he said.

Nembeware also blasted the military for alleged meddling in civilian affairs of the country while siding with Zanu PF.