Opposition MP Biti on the offensive, uses derogatory ‘vasina mabvi’ term in reference to white competitor Rusty Markham

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By Leopold Munhende, Chief Correspondent

CITIZENS Coalition for Change (CCC) legislator Tendai Biti has described those in support of his competitor Rusty Markham as snakes for daring to side with ‘vasina mabvi’, a slighting term for white people.

Biti and Markham are both vying for Harare East’s Parliamentary seat after Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) dismantled the latter’s Harare North constituency in its 2023 Delimitation Report.

CCC Harare North legislator Rusty Markham











Speaking to party supporters ahead of finalising CCC’s Consensus Candidate Selection Programme at the weekend, Biti dispelled rumours he wanted to be a Senator and declared his intentions to run for Parliament.

After describing those in support of his rival as snakes, Biti went as far as urging supporters to crush their heads.

“There are people who are going around saying Chamisa will not have enough MPs and councillors. Some are going around lying that I want to be a Senator,” said Biti.


“I am a legislator and Zanu PF knows what I do in Parliament is unmatched. We are selecting Biti as MP. When I came the other time, I was not mentioning names but today I will.

“We do not want snakes in Harare. There are some going around with vasina mabvi (white people) but we do not want snakes, we do not want black mambas.

“We are going to crush the heads of these snakes. Chamisa for President, Biti for MP.

“Send this message across the constituency, to ZIMPHOS, Mukandabhutsu, Kamfinsa, Greendale. Do not mention anyone by name, just identify them as snakes.”

Biti and Markham are part of a long list of veterans who might bite the dust and fail to make a return next term.

Murisi Zwizwai who has been in Parliament since 2000, will face off with Gladys Hlatshwayo.