Opposition rips into Gold Mafia scandal, says ‘fish rots from the head’

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By Staff Reporter

Opposition political parties have condemned the unprecedented levels of looting by individuals close to President Mnangagwa following the exposé of gold smuggling cartels and money laundering schemes by Al Jazeera.

In a documentary, titled ‘The Laundry Service,’ the international news network exposes how hundreds of millions worth of gold was being smuggled to Dubai.

Some of the high ranking officials implicated include Zimbabwe Miners Federation president Henrietta Rushwaya and Ambassador-at-large Uebert Angel.

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader, Nelson Chamisa said: “The Al Jazeera documentary exposes the extent of the rot at the top, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. This clearly shows how corrupt, rotten and broken leadership has destroyed a jewel and great country”.

The CCC leader bemoaned the misgivings by the current regime arguing that Zimbabwe is not poor but poorly governed.

Democratic Union of Zimbabwe (DUZ) leader, Robert Chapman, said there was lack of decisive action in curbing rampant corruption.

“Al Jazeera gold mafia docu-series is globally confirming the unprecedented levels of systematic corruption in our country, more importantly it is rubbing in our faces, our lack of progressive ‘action’ in fixing our country from top to bottom,” he said.

The DUZ leader called citizens to action and to raise conversation around issues bedevilling the country.

He added: “Citizens, don’t be pulled into small conversations on personalities, party colors, mjolo etc – right now let’s raise our conversation, our Action and focus on the major things.

“We have been in a National Crisis for decades that affects all Zimbabweans regardless of tribe, race, gender, economic status, domestic and diaspora”.

Labour, Economists and African Democrats president, Linda Masarira, said focus should now be directed on how best to plug leakages of gold and a better legislative framework for natural resource governance without overlooking the existence of  sanctions.

“Sadly, the long awaited AJ Jazeera gold mafia documentary just put in the faces to a public secret that all Zimbabweans know about, there is really nothing new. Corruption has destroyed our economy left, right and centre.

“Now that the cat is out of the bag, the real test of commitment to building and developing Zimbabwe is here. There is nothing to defend, looting, leakages and illicit financial flows are the order of the day in the gold mining sector. We await the government’s response to the exposé”.

Millions of dollars being moved in and out of Zimbabwe, according to Masarira, could fund free education and free health for all.

“Our government has misplaced priorities. We are tired of the same old rhetoric of ending corruption without any action or punitive measures in place to deal with corruption,” she added.