Opposition backs harsh penalties for corruption after Cabinet approved Criminal Law Act 

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By Reason Razao

Opposition Front for Economic Emancipation Zimbabwe (FEEZ) has lauded the crafting of stiffer laws aimed at arresting perpetrators of violence and sexual abuse whilst calling for life imprisonment for corruption.

In the wake of a surge in cases of rape, cabinet approved the Criminal Law Act, which provides for severe penalties for those convicted of sexual and aggravated indecent assault with a minimum mandatory 15 year jail term and life sentence jail terms at maximum.

FEEZ, led by Godfrey Tsenengamu who is a former leader of the Zanu PF Youth League, said more efforts were needed to curb cases of indecent assault.

“Considering the sharp increase in sexual abuse and assault in our country, FEEZ sees it befitting to increase the punishments and penalties so as to mitigate the cases,” said the opposition party.

“We applaud the Cabinet and law makers at large for the positive and progressive move.”

The party stressed that Cabinet should also make similar efforts to fight corruption and severe ills in the country.

“FEEZ is deeply worried about how law makers persistently ignore the need to introduce stiff and severe punishments on those convicted of corruption.

“In that manner, FEEZ is also disturbed by the double standards and inconsistency in the application of law. It has been established that the law has been continuously misused and misinterpreted in various cases to benefit the elite.

“A lot of elite members get away with serious cases of rape, murder, corruption, only to mention but a few.”

Corruption, according to FEEZ, should attract harsh penalties.

“We also advocate for life imprisonment for those convicted of corruption. The main reason for our plea is well known to every Zimbabwean, and this is a public secret, our country has been and is continuously eroded by high corruption stemming from the government to the ordinary being,” added FEEZ.

“We understand that the law should be paramount in setting up the society we all want. The Parliament of Zimbabwe should take the strides in creating a Zimbabwe free of Corruption.”