Over 50% of Zimbabwe’s employed workforce earning US$18 per month

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By Staff Reporter

OVER 50% of Zimbabwe’s employed workforce earns less than US$18 per month according to DOTZEDW, an organisation that looks at market insights within the SADC region.

Calculated in the local RTGS dollar, DOTZEDW revealed that the over 50% indicated were being paid salaries of ZW$200,000 or less.

This is almost four times lower than the country’s Poverty Datum Line (PDL) which stood at ZWS840,000 for a family of six as of December 2023.

Macrotrends last recorded Zimbabwe’s Poverty Rate at 85% in 2019, while the United Nations (UN) placed it on 70.5% in 2020.

The country is characterised by a two-decade long economic crisis that has depleted savings, devalued salaries, left millions out of employment and constantly seen a hike in prices of basic commodities.

Hundreds of skilled personnel within government and the private sector have fled the country for better paying, well resourced countries beyond Africa.

With the country largely informal, those in the formal sector have had little representation in labour disputes that emanate from the poor wages they earn.

Most have been forced to earn what they are offered in fear of millions more who might snap up their position if they get fired.

Before a US$300 Covid-19 allowance was introduced, civil servants who constitute the largest proportion of Zimbabwe’s employed workforce were earning less than US$75.

The US$300 has since been added onto their taxable monthly wages.