Overview of the Zimbabwean iGaming Market And Responsible Gambling Tools

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Today we are going to discuss all online gambling in Zimbabwe. The country is increasing the online gambling percentage as we speak and there are more and more tools local players need to know about. Below we will talk about the basics and we will start with the most essential things. Then, we will reveal which alternatives for GamStop are available to Zimbabweans and why some players have to use one of them. Without further ado, let’s begin.

A Brief Overview of the Zimbabwean Gambling Industry

The first thing you need to know here is that land-based gambling in the country is legal. Zimbabwe has over 16 million people and 50% of them do have access to the internet. They mostly use smartphones to visit online casinos and gamble. While land-based gambling is controlled and completely legal, online gambling is unregulated. This is a so-called grey area and it means that people can gamble online but there are no actual organizations, laws, or anything else that will control online operators and what they have to offer.

We also know that people in the country like to bet in the real world but more and more are switching to online gambling. People here love sports betting, horse racing, and more. The latter has been available for centuries and at first, it was reserved for rich people. Today, all people can bet on horse racing and some of the best events are available in Zimbabwe. People also enjoy casinos. There are 20 of them in the country and these are impressive establishments with countless games.

Despite all this, gambling control in the country is not well-developed. We can say that they do have an act that affects gambling and betting but not completely. One issue here is that there is nothing like GamStop in Zimbabwe at the moment. This is a huge problem.

How Would GamStop Be Able to Help Zimbabwean Players?

Players need some way of protection and help when playing casino games online. They need GamStop. The platform has been more than just popular in the United Kingdom and has been available for years. People in Zimbabwe need the same thing. They can create an account when they want and they can enjoy self-exclusion. What this means is that they are able to distance themselves from online gambling and they can have the time to work on their issues and their complications. Once the issues are resolved, they can go back and gamble again.

This is all how GamStop works and we need the same thing in Zimbabwe. Fortunately, there are other programs available for Zimbabwean players such as Net Nanny and Gamban. Let’s figure out how they work.

GamStop Alternatives Popular in Zimbabwe

Although many Zimbabwean players find non-GamStop operators at casino portal and other similar websites as an easy solution, they also have the ability to use apps or software that can do the same thing as GamStop. Below we will list a couple of options that have been most commonly used and that offer a lot of perks.

Net Nanny

The software has been since 1993 available online. At the time it had parental controls only which meant that a user can use Net Nanny to limit online access and protect his child from harmful sites online. In 2000 the software became much more advanced and started offering online help for people who have a gambling addiction.

What this means is that nowadays you can install Net Nanny and choose how long you want to distance yourself from online gambling. During this time you are not allowed to gamble and there is no way you can skip the self-exclusion. Once it has expired you can remove it and you can continue to gamble online. It works well and in a simple way.


This is one of the most popular tools of the kind. It is software and all you have to do is to install it on your device. The software can be used on iOS, Android, Mac and etc. In general, you can use it on any device you like. We must add that the software is not free and you will have to choose which subscription you like and want to use.

Once it is done you are not allowed to gamble online. You cannot use that device and you will have to wait until self-exclusion is completed. Only then you can remove it and gamble again. The goal is the same as with the first software here. The tool has been known for getting impressive awards across the world.

The Final Word

As you can see, online operators in Zimbabwe are growing as we speak. People still need something like GamStop and they need it today. Fortunately, there are also other self-exclusion solutions to help Zimbabwean players in the market.

All of these work well and they are available right now. Your only task is to choose which one you like and use it. Once you have resolved your gambling issues, you can remove the ban and you can continue gambling once again. This is simpler than it sounds.