Overwhelmed Pari Hospital Introduces Vaccination Booking System

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By Anna Chibamu

THE country’s major referral hospital, Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals, has introduced a  booking system after being overwhelmed by the high turn out of people seeking Covid-19 vaccination.
According to the Public Relations Manager Linos Dhire, numbers of people intending to get vaccinated has dramatically surged over the past week, forcing authorities to the booking system to manage the numbers and avoid turning the place into a virus super spreader because of over crowding.
To be innoculated there now, one must be registered at least 24 hours prior. on Wednesday  visited the health institution where long had obtained as the public flocked to the hospital to get their vaccine doses in an effort to fend off the deadly third wave.
This week,  Monday, and Tuesday saw a total of 3 489 new Covid-19 cases being recorded with 61 deaths  (Monday 33 deaths and Tuesday 28 deaths) recorded according to Health Ministry statistics.
The government has announced new lockdown measures (level 4) including a curfew to curb the spread of the virus, which keeps mutating into diverse and difficult to manage variants.
“We have seen a sudden increase in the numbers of people coming for vaccination at this hospital. We have therefore decided to introduce the booking system where people come and register to be vaccinated. We want to avoid overcrowding and reduce transport costs to our citizens. No one will be turned away once registered,” Dhire told in an interview at the hospital.
He also revealed that the hospital has 425 beds reserved for Covid-19 patients and at least 100 patients were admitted in the past few days.
“We  are vaccinating 500 people a day so we also book 500 each day. Depending on availability of vaccines, everyone who is registered gets innoculated. We want to reduce costs by turning away people. Everyone who is booked for a certain day must get the jab. This booking system will also curb overcrowding,” Dhire told this publication.
Government is expected to receive two million doses of vaccines from China Thursday afternoon.
Last week, it took delivery of 500 000 doses of vaccines from Asian state.