Pan African Solidarity Network Reiterates Calls To Stand With Palestine

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By Nyasha Rimbi

THE Pan African Palestine Solidarity Network said it will do everything it can to ensure that the plight of Palestinian people receives the attention it deserves, and the oppressed people of Palestine enjoy rights of their motherland.

Palestine has been suffering from Israel’s apartheid system since 1948, which has resulted in oppression, dehumanisation and repression of Palestinian people.

At its Pan African Palestine Solidarity Network (PASN) strategic meeting hosted by Amnesty International Senegal, in Dakar, Senegal recently, delegates from various countries pledged their unwavering support for the Palestinian cause.

They deliberated on how they can build a continent-wide solidarity movement with the Palestinian people.

Zimbabwe was represented by the national chairman of the Zimbabwe Palestine Solidarity Council (ZPSC), Kwanisai Mafa.

“We are convinced that Africans can never enjoy the fruits of our liberation until the Palestinian people are also liberated from racism, apartheid and Israel’s colonial occupation,” said Mafa.

“We will strengthen our network and mobilise all Africans, particularly women and youth, to strengthen our solidarity with the just struggles and resistance of the Palestinian people,” he added.

Activists from Palestine also graced the historic meeting wherein they shared first-hand accounts of Israel’s apartheid system and how it is crippling the people of Palestine.

They further called upon the international community to put pressure on the Israeli government to stop human rights atrocities and its flagrant disregard of international law in the country.

“We demand that our governments, the regional economic communities and the African Union revoke Israel’s accreditation to the AU; recognise Israel as an apartheid state and press the United Nations to investigate Israel’s apartheid practices and reactivate its anti-apartheid mechanisms,” said Mafa.

“International community should immediately end the purchase of all Israeli military and surveillance technology; end agro-industrial and water projects with Israeli companies; end diplomatic relations with Israel; and thus pave the way for Israel’s isolation from the world, just as apartheid South Africa was isolated,” he added.

This follows increasing military cooperation between Israel and some African regimes whose arms purchases finance Israel’s genocidal practices against Palestinians and fuel repression and wars in Africa.