Parirenyatwa says underutilised beerhalls must be turned into clinics

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By Staff Reporter

HEALTH and Child Care Minister David Parirenyatwa says some under-utilised council beer-halls countrywide must be converted into local clinics in order to be of use to a bigger number of people.

Parirenyatwa was speaking on Wednesday while commissioning the Mbizo 16 clinic in Kwekwe.

The health facility was, for years, a council owned bar which had become dilapidated but was later turned into a clinic.

Parirenyatwa praised the innovation and said this must be replicated throughout the country.

“This is an example of innovation which must be copied across the country,” he said.

“Today we are witnessing the conversion of what used to be a bar into a facility that is going to benefit everyone in the community.

“The initiative here is highly commendable as it shows the good utilisation of available resources.”

The minister said Ian Smith, who was last of the country’s former white rulers, used to build many beer-halls so that blacks could become drunk and divert from taking any active part in politics.

He said Zimbabweans could demonstrate that indeed times have changed by putting “our beerhalls to good use”.

“During Smith’s time, there used to be many beer halls so that we would get drunk and divert our attention from politics,” he said.

Parirenyatwa applauded Mbizo constituency MP Vongai Mupereri for taking the initiative.

“We have to commend the effort and initiative which has been taken by the local MP. He has mobilised resources to have this facility,” he said.

The government official said the turning of the bar into a clinic is part of a legacy.

“I am happy to be part of this legacy because it is indeed a legacy,” he said.

Most council owned bars or breweries have hit hard times due to poor management and corruption.

Some of the beer outlets have either folded or are operating below capacity.