Parliament adhoc committee condemns ZEC’s Preliminary Delimitation Report

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By Anna Chibamu

THE Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has come under fire for producing “a shoddy” preliminary delimitation report.

According to the adhoc committee which presented its findings and recommendations to Parliament on Friday, the report lacked merit and had several constitutional violations, which makes it unacceptable for election purposes meant for later this year.

Zanu PF Chief Whip, Pupurai Togarepi, chairman of the adhoc committee said a detailed analysis of the report by the committee unearthed that there was insufficient information in descriptions of the wards.

“The report has ward boundaries that were delimited above and below the maximum and minimum thresholds.

“The report had a highly complicated coordinate system, unspecified map scale, unlabelled wards, polling stations not indicated on the maps and misrepresentation of the minimum maximum threshold among others,” Togarepi said.

Legal compliance issues were also raised by the committee.

“Zec only used the census preliminary report to correlate the registered voters population with the adult population.

“The use of a selective segment of the population census, which is referred to as the adult population in the Zec report, is perceived to be a nonconformity to the constitutional values and principles enunciated in Section 3(2) (j) and (k),” read part of the report.

Violations of sections 161 (3) and (4) of the constitution, providing for equal number of voters in the boundaries of constituencies and wards were noted.

“This provision of the constitution was not fully adhered to as there are instances where constituencies and wards had more registered voters than others within the same province.

“Binga District had 70 988 voters but had the same number of wards with Tsholotsho District which had 38 619 voters and Bubi which had 33 295 voters.”

The committee highlighted that stakeholder consultations were not fairly done in some instances, violating the constitution.

The committee urged ZEC to meet the expectations of all stakeholders in the exercise and take due regard to the census population in its entirety in the delimitation exercise and not just the adult population.