Parliament Wants Corporal Punishment Legally Permitted As Children Turn Rogue

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By Lisa Nyanhongo

THE Senate Thursday strongly recommended that the law banning corporal punishment for children should be repelled as it has rendered them totally indisciplined.

Senators concurred since the practice was outlawed, children have become so wayward they wantonly engage in drugs and frequently abscond school.

One senator left the house in stiches when she suggested children nolonger even care to bath because they lack canning.

Beitbridge senator Tambudzani Mohadi said dealing with the scourge has become a huge challenge.

“I come from Matabeleland South where we have border areas like Plumtree and Beitbridge, children do not even know what schools are because of drugs. They are always high on drugs,” Mohadi said.

“It is said that there are drugs that are called mutoriro, musombodhiya and mbanje. They will be idle for a long time while intoxicated. Even if they are to go to school, teachers always face difficulties trying to get them to be attentive in class. They are not healthy because of these drugs. Every time they take the drugs, they forget that they are supposed to take a bath, eat, and dress in clean clothes,” she said.

“They do not stay on the job because of the influence of these drugs. Today’s future consists of drunkards who do not even know where they reside; They do not even know what they are doing when they are drunk.The problem is that at times when you report the drug peddlers to our law enforcement officers, in other instances are paid in a corrupt manner and our efforts go unnoticed.”

Senator Chief Chikwaka said the only way to solve this problem was to revert back corporal punishment.

The High Court banned corporal punishment in 2017.

“A nation without laws, a nation without culture is not a nation. I am appealing that we go back to the drawing board, to our culture and ensure that we discipline our children so that they know that taking or abuse of drugs destroys the nation.”

President Emmerson Mnangagwa recently launched an anti-drug abuse campaign as use of hallucinogens continues to rise in the country especially in the ghettos.